Hey Everybody, Al Gore Junior Pled Guilty To Having Dope

Wait, which one is Al Gore Jr.? Has anyone ever actually seen him? - WonketteAlbert "Al" Gore Junior, Jr. -- the black sheep of the over-achieving Family Gore -- apparently pled guilty to have marijuana and some unprescribed prescription pills with him while setting the new land-speed record for a stupid Prius. But because he's a rich white kid, the judge says Gore can actually withdraw the plea and just go to rehab for a while. So he can come back and be "sentenced" in February and all will be forgiven. Yay, justice for the elite!

Note to rich white people: CALL A FUCKING CAB. Jesus, at what tax rate are your brains forcibly removed? It's 2007, not the 1970s when people like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney could collect a glove box full of DUIs without anybody noticing.

Don't like cabs and their foreigner drivers? HIRE A TOWN CAR. You can afford it -- remember, stupid? You're rich!

Gore Goes Guilty [TMZ]


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