Hey, Remember Cynthia McKinney?

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Cynthia McKinney's case might not go to trial. A grand jury's been hearing evidence, but no indictments have come down yet, and they might just quietly make it go away. Oh well, we'll still have our memories. Says one of the Congresswoman's lawyers: "At this time, I have no comment as I am unaware of any 'legal case' regarding Ms. McKinney and [the] March 29 incident[.]" Man, she should really tell her lawyer that she punched a cop.

Scott MacFarlane of Cox Broadcasting "contributed to this article." You may remember Scott as the vaguely douchebaggy guy in this clip. We're guessing the bits he contributed weren't very complimentary.

Then there's this paragraph:

Capitol Hill police said they were dismayed that the investigation into McKinney's confrontation with the police officer is taking so long to resolve. They said failure to charge McKinney would send the message that it is all right to hit a police officer.

Yes, Cap Police, that's precisely the message we took away from all this. If you allow McKinney to settle without a lengthy public circus trial, we promise you that we'll spend the rest of the summer going around sucker-punching cops and groping meter maids. We mean it. WE LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU.

McKinney deal may be in works [AJC]


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