While the mayoral election in Minneapolis has attracted a bit more attention for its wide variety of oddballs (especially lake-coffee man Jeff Wagner), St. Paul has its own stable of "characters" too. So here is St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman -- the incumbent, which is something that Minneapolis does not have in its election -- having a very hard time suppressing the giggles at a mayoral candidate forum Thursday, mostly in response to "perennial candidate" Sharon Anderson, who is kind of like the Basil Marceaux of St. Paul. We won't say too much about her, because the poor dear seems to have gone Full TimeCube, if her campaign blog is any indication. Still, we're happy that she's not a very big fan of that Cily Myrus and her wrecking ball.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press politely says that Anderson, who runs for attorney general just about every chance she gets, despite not being an attorney, occasionally gave answers that

veered off topic: Asked about the state of the city's infrastructure, she said she supported the legalization of marijuana and prostitution.

She also likened St. Paul and Minneapolis to Sodom and Gomorrah, and compared light rail to Nazi train cars carrying Holocaust victims to concentration camps.

To be fair, those are two pairs of twin cities, and both transport methods run on rails. So she has a point, right?

The gentleman with the big mustache is Kurt Dornfeld, a city maintenance worker who opposes light rail and bike paths, and whose main campaign issue seems to be the Coleman administration's move from seal-coating city streets every seven years to doing it every ten years, which Coleman says has saved money but which Dornfeld argues is a false economy. This is Minnesota politics at its rawest and most primal.

Also, Dornfeld makes a dick joke, provoking an astonished "Oh, God... You didn't just say that" from Coleman.  We wouldjust like to remind politicians that dick jokes are best left to professionals like Yr. Wonkette. See, here's how we'd have improved that joke of his: He should have looked around the room, comically waggled his eyebrows, and said, "Am I right, fellas?" He would have killed, just killed.

[St. Paul Pioneer Press]

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