Hey, That Obama Address Sounded a Lot Like Bush Declaring War


Look at the fun video we made! We have to admit, this war in Libya, at the moment, doesn't seem so bad. The rebels are being protected, Gaddafi may eventually fall, and Libya could one day wind up a liberal democracy, a free country that emits shining Hope Rays to the rest of the dank, unfreedomed region. But if he isn't deposed in the coming days, will Obama invade? Even if Gaddafi does fall, there are signs American ground troops could be headed into Libya. Is that why it was so easy to make this video? We're not even that good at making these little videos. Why does Obama sound so much like Bush announcing the start of the Iraq War?

Make no mistake: last's night's address was a war speech. And, like in Iraq, the U.S. is going to be involved in Libya for a long time to come.

President Obama boasted about the rapidity with which the U.S. and its allies got involved in Libya. Some defense wonks, like Andrew Exum of the Center for a New American Security, criticized Obama’s team for not exhibiting diligent planning before Operation Odyssey Dawn began. Obama didn’t signal an endgame in his Monday speech

Oh God. Here we go again? At least this guy didn't lie about why we're going to war, we guess. [Wired]


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