HI-larious Irish Marriage Equality Ad Warns Of The Coming Gaypocalypse

This terribly cute promo for theLGBT Noise March in Dublin, scheduled for this Sunday, riffs on horror movie themes, presenting the videotaped testament of John and Mary, hetero survivors of the Gaypocalypse, who have barricaded themselves inside their home ever since the legalization of marriage equality, for fear of ... THEM. The Gay. And their freedom to love whomever they choose and all their scary equality, and how it changed EVERYTHING.

"We tried to fit in,” says John, “but the weddings … I felt so underdressed.”

“And the cakes,” says Mary. “Amazing.”

And they aren't even talking about those cakes we like, either.

It's pretty sweet. Gay Bob says check it out:

[via RawStory]

Doktor Zoom

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