Hicks Need Ammo

The Army has reduced our nation's law enforcement officers to this - WonketteSometimes it's important to stop and think about the real victims of the war in Iraq. Specifically, rednecks in rural Wisconsin. The US Army has a lot of Iraqis to shoot, and they've been shooting them for an awful long time now. Unfortunately, they're using all of America's precious, precious bullets. Unfortunately, this means that cops in backwards corners of the upper-midwest are having a hard time getting ahold of the ammo they need to shoot cans, meth lab operators, stray dogs, and lost city slickers.

In Sumter County, Wisconsin, the Sherrif's department has to order their "practice ammunition a year in advance, and they've cut their "qualification course" in half, meaning that deputies across the county are now twice as likely to accidentally shoot themselves in the foot while shooing escaped cows blocking the highway or hassling some riff-raff from the Indian reservation.

Asked to comment, an Army spokesperson gleefully shot a couple rounds in the air.

WIS News 10 Investigation: Ammunition shortage [WISTV]


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