* In Lou Dobbs' "non-partisan independent reality" everyone has orange skin, sprayed on-hair, and the government is on the verge of invading Tijuana. [1115]

* Street price of Ambien goes up as another Kennedy considers Congress. [NYP]

* Paul W's holy socks likely to be filled by a Bobert. [Passport]

* Condi's not looking to leave Iraq, ever. Charlie Rose isn't looking to stop using that stupid curious face, ever. [Think Progress]

* HuffPo commenters bring 14 pages of the funny on Ft. Dix "terror plot." [HuffPo]

* Monica Goodling gave Ashcroft the "titties are evil" idea. [TPM Muckraker]

* Pelosi's pork turns out to be the other white meat. [Media Matters]


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