Finally, respect for the worship of Rush's '2112' - WonketteWicca, the worship of chubby girls showing generous amounts of cleavage and pissing off your parents, is now officially recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA announced that it will begin engraving a Wiccan pentagram on the headstones of fallen heroes now eating turkey legs at that Great Renaissance Faire in the Sky.

Before the settlement, the VA recognized 38 symbols for use on headstones, demonstrating a pretty clear lack of standards (Unitarians? Humanists have a symbol?), but it took ten years and a lawsuit for them to give in and give the hippie witches their star.

Once we enlist and die for our country, of course, we hope our family will lobby the VA to engrave a pithy lolcat on our gravestone.

Use of Wiccan Symbol on Veterans' Headstones Is Approved [NYT]


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