Hilarious '07 LOLcats Become Tired, Sincere '08 Obama Cats

Well sure, the BLACK cat will vote for Obama

Remember 2007? It was so funny, with that Will Ferrell and the little cursing girl, and oh wow that Alanis Morissette singing that one black person's song, and of course those lovable and hilarious LOLcats. Because Obama's campaign just loves to plagiarize stuff that used to be funny, his sincere supporters decided to dig up the comedic memory of LOLcats and rape the corpse with a Crazy Little Thing Called Hope.


OH HAI hilarious LOLcat! Wait a minute ... this cat isn't doing anything funny. Oh, and the caption isn't funny. IT'S JUST A PICTURE OF A STUPID FUCKING CAT, WITH A LAME ENGRISH CAPTION THAT IS ALSO NOT FUNNY. This cat should be euthanized.

She's gone with the hula hula boys, She's gone with the hula hula boys She don't care about me

But this one's pretty funny, because it's true! Anyway, now you can tell your grandchildren you were there the day LOLcats were legally determined to be Over.

Yes We Can Haz


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