Hilarious Weirdo Leaves Comment About Sarah Palin's House (?)


What kind of insanity is Sarah Palin causingtoday? We were reading Wonkette alum Juli Weiner's thing at the Vanity Fair website about the Great Home-Depot Pre-Assembled Board-Wall of Wasilla when we stumbled upon a comment that may or may not have been translated from the original Latvian. Does Sarah Palin "takes off her cloths, shows her boobs, old lady, and then devalues real estate"?

Here, read it for yourselves:

Dear Friends: This is what you want for your home! What value and morals has Palin? Takes off her cloths, shows her boobs, old lady, and then devalues real estate, destroys properties without owners permission, She sure has dirty underwear! Statutory Rape her daughter and she does nothing. How much is she getting from Vanity Fair? Woman deserve better than this. So do men. The old bag and her dirty underwear would make a tea party stain environmentally unsafe. Pew! Stinks worse than a dead skunk her dirty underwear! Want this for your hubby or children? Kick Backs! What a theatrical bad drunk! Against the law to put things on anothers property without permission. Was their a permit? Send this around facebook, blog, glog, tweet, twitter and all birdwatchers. Dirty!

Posted 5/27/2010 5:57:08pm by DearFriends

Blog, glog, tweet, twitter and all birdwatchers? Oh hell yeah that is Dirty!


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