Hill Hair Watch: The Hall of Fame

In our search for most obvious rugs in Congress, we left out two audience favorites -- Bill Frist and Trent Lott.


Frist, left, demands that Senator Leahy read his note aloud before the whole Senate. Lott, right, wears the scalp of late Senator Strom Thurmond in order to absorb his powers.

But one operative suggested that we feature the entire Nebraska delegation -- they are quite interestingly coiffed. A sampling:


Per the operative:

What is in the Water in NE? First you have Nelson, but look at the rest of these clowns:

Hagel looks like he's got a pair of rolled up dirty sweat sox on his forehead, Rep. Lee Terry looks like Harry Potter fronting for Flock of Seaguls, and Rep. Jeff Fortenberry looks like Kirk Cameron Goes to Washington.

Not much we can add to that. And that probably wraps it up for Hill Hair Watch -- though we are still soliciting any and all pictures of our elected representatives enjoying smooth, refreshing cigarettes.

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