Hill Intern Hotties: Nominations Needed

capitol%20hill.jpgSome readers were less than impressed by the field of competitors in our recently concluded White House Hotties contest. We're confident that our next competition will draw a bevy of beauties capable of satisfying even the most demanding judges.

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer. Summer spells hotness for D.C. -- and we're not just talking about the weather. Yes, that's right: it's intern season on Capitol Hill.

Given the fact that most Hill intern duties could be performed by trained monkeys, a high proportion of interns are selected based on factors other than intellectual ability -- factors like cup size for women and musculature for men. This explains why interns as a group are of above-average hotness, and intern season is Washington's program in urban beautification.

So here's our next competition: a "Hill Interns Hotties" contest. It's open to both men and women, who will compete in separate categories, but the nominees must be interns on Capitol Hill. Sorry, no permanent staffers, and no non-Hill interns. (We may have separate hottie contests for these groups later.)

Instructions: Please submit nominations by email, subject line "Hill Intern Hotties," with all of the following information: (1) the nominee's name; (2) where they are interning; (3) a clear, decent-sized photograph; and (4) a brief testimonial (which we may quote from, on an anonymous basis, unless you indicate otherwise).

We expect to receive tons of nominations, and we'll be looking for ways to toss out potential competitors. Accordingly, a nomination package that's missing any of the four requirements will be disregarded.

Item (3), the picture, is especially important. Ideally you'll send us a high-quality face pic, which we'll put next to the nominee's name when we open the polls. But feel free to send multiple photos -- for example, a face pic and a body pic. We will gladly accept shirtless or nude photos (which we may or may not post; we might just keep them for our own enjoyment).

So don't delay. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled Hill intern hotties, yearning to be featured on a widely-read blog. Click here to email us your nomination, right now, before you forget. Thanks!


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