capitol%20hill.jpgThe Hill Intern Hotties contest is well underway. Click here to vote for your favorite guy, here to vote for your favorite gal, and here for reader raves about the male contestants.

The polls will stay open until Tuesday, June 27, at 2 PM Eastern time. So there's lots of time for friends of the candidates to develop clever campaigns, or to send out blast emails in an effort to increase voter turnout.

And now, testimonials for the fabulous femme fatales we've assembled for your consideration. You can read them after the jump (or click here).

1. Stephanie Carter. Intern to Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.).

"Stephanie is a total knock-out!"

"I go to school with [Stephanie] and let me just say this girl can party and her tits are the size of my head."

"Nicknamed 'Hungry Eyes,' Ms. Stephanie is the cutest intern you'll ever see on the Hill... with a Julia Roberts smile and eyes that will melt your heart... Stephanie is your girl!"

2. Ali Clark. Intern to Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.).

"Ali is a fun-loving girl who is always up for a good time! She can be found making friends with everyone from interns to staff on the Hill. Ali is usually found laughing or smiling when she is around her co-workers and friends!"

"Ali Clark is a total rock star! She's got it all."

3. Meredith Drake. Intern to Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.).

"Meredith is a blonde beauty and an absolute delight to spend time with."

"Meredith is the epitome of what it means to be Southern... beautiful on the outside and gracious and kind on the inside."

4. McKee Taylor Flood. Intern to Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.).

"McKee is so beautiful and so much fun. She brings a smile to the face of everyone who meets her."

"Why is Mckee Taylor Floyd the hottest of all hill interns? While her physical beauty alone is formidable enough to enter her into the hallowed halls of intern hotness, it is only surpassed by her impressive political lineage. Her family has long had political connections, dating back to William Floyd, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Mckee is a proud alumna of Phillips Academy (Andover), the political hotbed that produced both our 41st and 43rd president, and tutored political offspring such as JFK Jr, Vanessa Kerry and evevn George Washington's nephew. Yes, this New England WASP has all the credentials of a political powerhouse and the looks to back it up. Yet she is as humble as can be, being one of the few interns to have gotten her job based on an actual interview, and will probably be mortified that we submitted this. All the more reason to vote her to the top."

5. Lauren Hayes. Intern to Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.)

"Lauren is a sophomore at Auburn University interning in the office of Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby, or Big Dick to those who love him. As you can see from the photos (minus the goober guys), Lauren is most hot among Capitol Hill hotties, and she's a sweetheart to boot. Whereas most every other Senate intern thinks they're practically president, Lauren is as down-to-earth as they come. Ask anyone from Shelby's staff and they'll tell you that she is going places. I have generally been impressed with Auburn girls, but Lauren is by far the best I've seen. Sincerely, Anonymous Nominator who lost the bet for who has to submit Lauren's name."

"Lauren is a dark-haired siren with a dazzling smile. Her fantastic looks are outstripped only by her kindness."

6. Anjali Kulkarni. Intern to Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

"Let's just say that when Anji graces us with her presence all the way over in the Capitol, a lot more papers seem to get dropped and a lot more pens fumbled..."

"Anjali is a mysterious and beguiling beauty. She entrances everyone who meets her."

7. Anette Soto. Intern at the CBO National Security Division.

"I had the pleasure of taking a class with Ms. Soto, where I gained ample evidence that she fits all the Wonkette criteria to be a contest winner: super-hot, and only moderately skilled. The attached pic is loaded with ample demonstration of her hotitude."

"Anette Soto has got it going on. She has a great face, and a fantastic body (as you can see in the photo)."

8. Ariane Strombom. Intern to Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA).

"Not only is [Ariane] a beautiful person, she is also a fun person to intern with. Ariane's hotness even transcends the intern pool -- she was hit on by a young reporter at a press event, even while wearing her ever present red intern ID. Luckily, we googled the reporter and realized he was a stringer who had never written any legitmate stories. Ariane is also a winner because she does not commit any of the Hill fashion faux pas (see Seersucker Thursdays or the sneakers with suit look) and has a sense of humor when fielding phone calls from crazy/demanding/crazy and demanding people."

"Ariane's fine features are framed by cascading curly tresses. She is a goddess among men. Vote for Ariane!"

9. Katie Warner. Intern to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Minority Staff.

"Katie is a very sweet southern girl (from Alabama) who is environmentally minded, hence her choice to intern with the Environment and Public Works Committee Minority Staff. She goes to school in Maryville, TN, at Maryville College and is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. She's also really nice, and not a big slut. ANNNND, she plays softball for Jeoffords' Grade A Vermont SAPS, even though she's pretty bad at it. She's pretty freaking amazing! We love her!"

"Katie is brilliant and beautiful, professional and polished. She succeeds at almost everything she does -- and the hottie contest is no exception!"

You now have ample information, both visual and testimonial, about all of the candidates. So stop wasting time, and click here to make your voice heard!

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