capitol%20hill.jpgOn Tuesday, we asked for nominations in our Capitol Hill Hotties contest. You made some sizzling submissions, we carefully considered them all, and today we unveil the official nominees.

In our White House Hotties contest, we opened the polls in the women's race first. This time around, we'll start off with the men.

The male contenders, with photos, appear below. More info about them, including where they are interning and reader testimonials, will follow. If you know any of these fine fellows and have thoughts (or photos) to share, please email us (subject line: Hill Intern Hotties). We may quote from your testimonial, but we'll keep you anonymous, unless you state otherwise.

Finally, a quick note to Capitol Hill intern coordinators. None of these hotties nominated himself, so please don't fire them for appearing in this contest. It's not their fault; some have hotness thrust upon them.

Update: The original version of this poll included Marc Grinberg and Scott Parkinson as contestants. After learning that neither is an intern, we removed them from the competition.

Further Update: The polls are now open on the women's side. Click here to vote.

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