capitol%20hill.jpgJust a quick reminder: the polls in our Hill Intern Hotties contest will remain open for only a few more hours. Voting will conclude at 2 PM Eastern time, and we'll announce the winners shortly thereafter. Click here to vote on the women, and here to vote on the men.

We've received a few more requests from candidates to withdraw from the contest. As we told you over the weekend, nobody's going anywhere. It's the height of ingratitude to reject such an honor, when so many others wish they could be in your shoes.

Check back this afternoon to find out the winners. For those of you who are following the contest very closely, a quick recap of the current standings appears after the jump.

On the women's side, Stephanie Carter enjoys a commanding lead, with Katie Warner the runner-up. But McKee Taylor Flood and Lauren Hayes are engaged in a spirited struggle for third place.

On the men's side, Blake Massad leads the pack. His lead is sizable, but not as huge as Stephanie's, and capable of being eclipsed in the time that remains. Tyson Smith and Joe Fore are duking it out for second place; right now, they're separated by only two votes. And there's a tight four-way race to avoid coming in dead last, with Ross Biestman, Micah Elggren, Jameson Marks, and Robert Stephenson fighting to escape that ignominious fate.

Candidates, it's time to kick your campaigns up a notch. An eleventh-hour effort could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

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