capitol%20hill.jpgDemocracy sure is swell, ain't it? We solicited your nominations for our Hill Intern Hotties contest. Then we opened up the polls, informedyou about the candidates, and counted up the votes (for the nine female hotties and eight male hotties in competition).

Now, the fun part. It's time to declare the winners: the two hottest interns on the Hill.

stephanie%20carter%204.JPGThe race for hottest female intern wasn't terribly exciting, truth be told. The dazzling Stephanie Carter quickly seized the lead, which she never relinquished. She took 25 percent of the vote, trouncing her closest competition, Katie Warner (who took less than 15 percent).

This reader rave, which arrived too late to include with the earlier testimonials, says it all:

Stephanie Carter is kind, intelligent and overall stellar woman. Truly the epitome of a great person, she is driven in one of those great, rare, non-obnoxious ways. Her hard work, dedication and genuine nature truly make her a rising star. Not only that, but her natural magnetism makes everyone want to know her. Hot, smart and kind. What more could you want for the hottest intern on the hill?

blake%20massad%205.JPGThe men's side was more competitive. Last week, Joe Fore took an early lead. But over the weekend, Blake Massad zipped past him, and stayed ahead of the pack for the rest of the contest. So, with over 20 percent of the votes, Blake Massad has been elected Speaker of the Hotties.

Congratulations to Stephanie and Blake, our two deserving winners. The complete vote tallies, plus additional commentary, after the jump.

On the women's side, Stephanie's victory was decisive. She received over 2,000 votes, a quarter of the 8,000 ballots cast. Her nearest competitors -- runner-up Katie Warner, and third-place finisher Lauren Hayes -- were far behind. None of the other contestants received over 1,000 votes.

On the men's side, Blake won by a comfortable margin, with second place going to Joe Fore. For a while, Joe Fore and Tyson Smith were neck-and-beautiful-neck; but in the final hours, Joe broke ahead of Tyson.

As for last place, there was a three-way tie between Ross Biestman, Micah Elggren, and Jameson Marks. Congrats to Robert Stephenson for getting the one extra vote that saved him from joining them!

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