Feed the baby the soups!

Guten Morgen, Wonkers, WTF does that headline even mean? Did Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz actually have a caucus with Satan at the Olive Garden and that's how she winned all those coin flips in the Iowa caucuses? Ted Cruz was just there because he likes to have endless breadsticks with his real dad sometimes, of course.

JUST JOSHING, we just took some of the top stories of the week and did a mash-up remix with the headlines, like we do.

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OK, here is your weekly top ten list, chosen as usual by science:

1. Here are a bunch of restaurant employees who totally ran out of fucks to give.

2. FBI video conclusively shows that Oregon militia dude shot dead by the po-lice was not an unarmed black teenager.

3. Here's a story about a restaurant manager droppin' the damn mic on dickwads who leave religious messages as tips. Is this the second week in a row for that post in the top ten? We think so!

4. People actually VOTED in the never-ending primary campaign. Or they "caucused," or whatever dumb Iowa calls it. Hillary winned! Ted Cruz sucks! They did not actually go to Olive Garden to see their lover Satan.

5. Speaking of Hillary, she is definitely for sure you betcha going to email jail, any day now, uh huh.

6. Those "One Million Moms" sure are mad how Olive Garden is BFFs with Satan now. (See? Now the headline makes sense!)

7. Ted Cruz's final message to Iowa before winning was basically, "I hate you as much as everyone who ever lived hates me."

8. Sarah Palin: Only A IDIOT would blame her son's drunken girlfriend-beating on President Obama!

9. Donald Trump to Iowa voters: YOU are stupid, whereas I am terrific!

10. Finally, let Jeb Bush tell you what a failure he is in 18 seconds or less.

So there you go, Wonkers. That's your assigned reading for this weekend.

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OK, leaving you now, see ya wouldn't wanna be ya, bye.



Evan Hurst

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