While Hillary Clinton remains hidden in a secret Polynesian island bunker, where she drinks single malt scotch and eats artichoke hearts prepared by a cadre of Gypsy slavesall day long, she is still somehow doing her job as a fake Senator. Today she, along with fellow New York Senator Chuck Schumer and some Congressman, introduced an act of legislation to name U.S. Route 20A -- in Buffalo -- the "Timothy J. Russert Highway." Because Tim Russert would have done the same thing.

But Hillary and Chuck and the third sponsor guy should know that Tim Russert wouldn't want Buffalonians spending $5 a gallon to drive on any road bearing his name. Tim Russert would want Hillary Clinton, personally, to jump into the goddamn Gulf of Mexico with a shovel and dig until she found the good stuff, the Juice. Will Hillary not do what Tim Russert would hypothetically but absolutely and certainly want her to do?

'Timothy J. Russert Highway' [First Read]


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