Hillary Clinton Caught In Millionth Bosnian Lie!

pwnedHa ha, it turns out that Hillary Clinton even lies with her lying about her harrowing overseas adventures. First she says she once ran screaming through the streets of Tuzla smeared with the blood of Bosnian snipers as she singlehandedly brought peace to Northern Ireland; then she says she was the first president's wife to visit a war zone since Eleanor Roosevelt. Wrong again, Pantsuit! That honor goes to Pat Nixon, who visited Vietnam with Sinbad way back in 1969.

According to her biography, Mrs. Nixon went to South Vietnam and had tea with the President's wife. She also visited an orphanage and a hospital.

The [July 1969 South Vietnam] visit marked the first time that a First Lady had been in a combat zone, although another First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, had also visited troops on her numerous travels to England and throughout the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand during World War II.

Burn! Hillary Rodham Clinton is totally burnt, by the lady whose husband was loved only by his cocker spaniel and who once called her "a wonderful stenographer."

Wrong Again, Sen. Clinton. It Was Pat Nixon. [The New Nixon]


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