Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want Your Dirty Money, Unless You Have a Lot of It

Hillary Clinton killed democracy last weekend.

She decided to completely forgo public financing of her presidential campaign, and according to the New York Times, that means the failure of yet another experiment in cleaning up the way we govern this fucked up country. She isn't the first person to do so -- our limited public election fund program has only been around since 1976, and both Kerry and Bush declined to partake in it last time around -- but Cunton decided way earlier than those two to raise a gigantic amount of money from private donors and not abide by the FEC's public financing spending limits.

It also means that the presidential candidates will be more beholden than ever to the so-called bundlers, often lobbyists, who solicit donations to present to campaigns in a lump sum.

Oh no! A Senator and Presidential candidate beholden to lobbyists? Once again, America's innocence is shattered. And, as always, it's totally some chick's fault.

Death Knell May Be Near For Public Election Funds [NYT]


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