Hillary Clinton & Friends Hold Pretend Online Chat!

Hillary Clinton & Friends Hold Pretend Online Chat!

Who loves Hillary! Everyone, of course, and that's why she held a pretty hilarious & tragic"blog chat" on her Internet today with supporters. Many of these supporters are basically illiterate, which is the "hilarious" part, and yet Hillary answered their questions in ominous ways, which is the "tragic" part.

As you can see, any asshole named "Larry" could ask a question and get approved by Hillary's web-vetters:

Hey Hillary you are such a great person I went to a rally of yours during the primary in New Hampshire & did some campaigning for you here in albany ny you put a smile on my face every time I saw you whether in person or on tv. You are a strong women don't give up keep fighting for whats right. I hope our country can take a new step in the right direction once Barack Obama is president. I want to say if he does ask you to be his VP you should and you would make a great vice president Mrs. Clinton:)

God Bless

Larry D.

Albany ny

Hillary was looking at porn while Larry was asking his question, which was really not a question at all but, rather, a shit on the legacy of the keyboard's inventor. Hillary had to respond to this and had nothing really to say, so we won't post it.


Question #12

Hillary, I hope that we will be able to talk with you at the Convention in Denver!

Please consider meeting with us -- YOUR supporters!

by ginamc at 8/7/2008 12:31:24 PM

Well thanks "ginamc," that's a GREAT QUESTION AND A GOOD USE OF EVERYONE'S TIME. You are TRENCHANT. And yet, Hillary copy-pasted the wrong response from her canned response list:

Answer: And, I love Texas! I am looking forward to seeing and talking with as many people as I can during the Convention. I will have a very busy schedule, and I am really looking forward to it. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Texas, did someone mention Texas? "ginamc," are you a Longhorn, as it were? No, you are not, and Hillary is on Xanax and it's not March so what the fuck is anyone talking about here.

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