Hillary Clinton Not At All Sore That Obama Won't 'Lift A Finger' To Help Her Recoup Massive Campaign Debts

Hillary Clinton Not At All Sore That Obama Won't 'Lift A Finger' To Help Her Recoup Massive Campaign Debts

Let's quickly recap the weird history of the Clintons and Barack Obama. Bill Clinton was the first black president, and then Hillary Clinton was going to be the second black president. Barack Obama came along and decidedhe should be the second/first black president, and Hillary Clinton spent millions and millions of dollars running against him. After she dropped out of the race, she campaigned tirelessly for the same person she had campaigned against, maybe sorta kinda hoping he would help with her campaign debt, but nope, Obama and his people aren't helping at all. This is just a "mild annoyance" for her, that he won't help her raise nearly $8 million she still owes to Mark Penn.

[A] half-dozen Clinton insiders told Politico they are disappointed that Obama’s vaunted fundraising operation hasn’t reciprocated by planning new events or an Internet campaign to help Clinton pay off the $7.9 million she owes to vendors. (Clinton has already written off the $13 million she loaned the campaign during the primaries, aides say).

“I don’t think there’s a whole lot of hard feelings, it’s more like mild annoyance,” said a former Clinton aide on condition of anonymity. “There’s just not a lot of expectation they are going to lift a finger for us.”

Added another longtime Clinton adviser: “She killed herself for them, did a hundred events, went anywhere they pointed – so it’s disappointing they aren’t helping… But it’s not a big deal at this point.”

You can tell that all these anonymous Clinton advisors are all MOTHERS, because that is such a mom thing to say: she nearly died for you but now you cannot trouble yourself to do this one weensy thing for her, that is fine, she is just mildly disappointed, go enjoy yourself while she suffers. Hillary Clinton will just be over there, in the poorhouse, snuggled under a rat-chewed blanket while Obama has his fancy inaugural ball.

Obama-Clinton soap opera takes new turn [Politico]


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