Hillary Clinton Paying Right-Wing Blogs to Not Run Her Ads

Hillary pwns the internet. - WonketteHillary Clinton's campaign for President faces an uphill battle on the Internet, that mythical land where shut-ins and misfits convince themselves and each other of their incredible importance. But Clinton wisely brought in former Salon blog rounder-upper Peter Daou to manage and advise on internet strategy some time ago, and we're just now seeing the first hints of their strategy: bribery. Clinton's blog advertising buys started this week, and because there's nothing bloggers like talking about more than bloggers, Hill's ad buys have attracted quite a bit of attention. The first controvery: she bought ads on conservative sites.

Blog P.I. confirmed Clinton ads on four right-wing sites: Hugh Hewitt, Powerline, Captain's Quarters, and Wizbang. This caused the predicable bitching on both the righty blogs that received her dirty money and the lefty blogs that didn't.

Last night, though, the ads on right-wing sites disappeared and dozens more lefty sites were added to the buy. Which has shut up precisely no one, but does lead to this amusing circumstance: Because Blogads buys have a one-week minimum, Hillary Clinton's campaign is currently paying four conservative sites not to run her ads. If she can manage to pay all bloggers not to support her, she may have a chance at the nomination.

Hillary in Blogistan: On Blogads, the Netroots, and Peter Daou [Blog PI]


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