Clinton Still Owes Mark Penn Many Dollars

Clinton Still Owes Mark Penn Many Dollars

One of the great pleasures of last year's campaign season was seeing the consulting firm of Mark Penn, history's greatest monster, end up millions of dollars in the hole for all the great work they did on behalf of losing candidate Hillary Clinton. How was Penn going to afford his lavish subterranean cave and the constant supply of virgins bearing Ho-Hos without Clinton's subsidies?

Thanks to donations and list rentals, our Secretary of State has managed to retire, let's see, about $12 million in debt since she dropped out of the race about a year ago. (She also owed herself $13.2 million, which she very generously forgave due to campaign finance laws.) But she still owes Mark Penn's firm $1.5 million, which is why he walks around in hobo rags playing a two-string banjo in Union Station.

Hillary Clinton almost out of the red [Political Ticker via Ben Smith]


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