Hillary Clinton To Star In Lesbian TeeVee Show

'Ha ha, *I* went out with a man once, too!' - WonkettePopular lesbian Ellen DeGeneres will visit New York City to make a teevee show starring Senator Hillary Clinton, who has also visited New York. That's the exciting news from the New York Daily News, which also reports that Ellen DeGeneres will make the teevee show in a room that used to be the "home for jazz" or something.

It's not the first time our next president has consorted with the teevee lesbian. As this picture proves, they also fled Manhattan together on a boat once, on 9/11.

Says Ellen: "We're shooting our premiere show in New York to kick off our new 11 a.m. time slot and because Barneys is having a sale on blazers." We don't know what the fuck that means. Is it "code" for something?

'Ellen' opener to tape in New York City [NY Daily News]


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