Hillary Clinton's Gay Marriage Video Will Give Your Cold Shriveled Heart ALL The Feels
Oh Wonkers, you are such damaged souls, and you are not even allowed to comment about it. But buck up, buckaroos, there is a new day on the horizon! WE ARE A MARRIAGE EQUALITY NATION, and your once and future Queen Of America, Hillary Clinton, is here with a heartwarming message about how "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights." Which is just SILLY, because #NOTALLHUMANS. C'mon, Hillary! Get with the program!

The video intersperses images of gay couples being gay to each other, including the couple who invited Hillz to their wedding! They're holding hands, they're proposing to each other, and they're even saying wedding vows. And THAT is the part that brought a tear to yr Wonkette's eye, the things this one guy says to his almost-husband. You'll see. SHUT UP, I'M NOT A PUSSY, you'll see when you are CRYING.

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Something big happened today. It was one giant leap for gay-kind, but a billion tiny steps for individual lesbo-gay feets. Or something. That analogy kinda fell apart, due to all of you getting your TEARS all over our nice Wonkette website.

Oh just fucking watch the video. Also, can we just point out that Hillary is running for president REALLY good this time? It's like she learned ALL the lessons from last go-round.

Here's what Hillz had to say today on Twitter:

I think that's something we can ALL "RT." Unless you are lame foreign and your country hasn't gotten there yet, sadface.

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