Hillary Clinton's Hippie Pipe Dream Up in Smoke

billary.jpgSen. Hillary Clinton's dream of using $1 million tax dollars for an upstate New York museum dedicated to Woodstock, the 1969 three-day event of bad acid, shitty sound systems and foul weather, was busted yesterday by evil white guys who never ever smoked pot. Clinton, along Sen. Chuck Schumer, couched the request for funds in a bill for labor and health programs. Obviously, that didn't work so well. Republicans rejoice!

"They had a hippiefest there," bitched Sen. Trent Lott to the New York Post which cleanly summed up the defeat: "By knocking down the amendment, Republicans hit a triple: They beat the majority Democrats, scuffed up Clinton, and linked Democrats to the drug-induced, free-love era of the '60s."

Clinton failed to show up on the Senate floor to defend her pet project, leaving Schumer alone, frightened and totally baked.

BUMMER OF '69 [New York Post]


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