Hillary Clinton's Rebellious Haircut Revolutionizing Women's Lives

Hillary Clinton's Rebellious Haircut Revolutionizing Women's Lives

OMG you guys, have you seen Hillary Clinton's hair lately? She's doing the bob thing again, like how she did back when this pic was taken from the ol' Bosnian War days. She's 62 years old, and she's wearing her hairlong! Do you understand just how freeing this is for America's women?

The Washington Post does, publishing a magnum opus about Clinton's revolutionary new/old hair that puts the Secretary of State's "latest act of defiance" in proper perspective:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton serves as further proof that women do not have to kowtow to expectations, rules of thumb or other quietly bullying cultural assumptions. She is a role model for women who are past the ingenue phase of their lives. She is making a fashion statement.

How to describe Clinton's hairdo? Oh, you might say it is a "softly layered style -- one with volume on top that flowed gently inward to the nape of the neck." But how does it look? It looks "quite nice," actually! Is it radical? Yes, especially for Washington's "seasoned female power elite." What does it mean for America? "Nothing. Everything."

OK, you can all go back to worrying about how you will cover next month's rent now. [Washington Post]


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