Hillary For Veep!

For weeks John McCain has been saying, "Barack Obama is a pansy the end," and Barack Obama has been saying, "That's not very dignified of you," and so now of course Barack Obama is losing the RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE. How can he turn it around and win this thing? By making Hillary Clinton his vice president, which will be fantastic and hilarious because they hate each other so much.

Basically, all the other VP picks are boring and a bunch of racist old Bitters who Hillary coaxed into the Democratic fold are rapidly defecting to McCain. But an Obama-Clinton ticket would get the Hilltards back on the bus, plus Barry clearly needs somebody who's vicious.

Also we would like to find out if Andrew Sullivan's body could continue to type 70 blog posts a day after his head explodes.

Obama: In Need of a Game Changer [CNN]


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