That was sure worth getting up before dawn and making a five-hour drive to Las Vegas! Thanks, Democrats. Our coverage for the night is just about over, but we'll have much more Campaign Trail Fun all over Las Vegas on Wednesday, which is basically today. There will be events, and perhaps a rally of some kind! All in the cause of giving Americans a "safety valve" so they can "blow off steam" by voting for pretty much identical elitist candidates. Anyway, here's a recap of Wonkette's Tuesday in Nevada, plus more pictures, if you want them.

* Live Nevada Coverage From An Empty Warehouse, in which we are so close to the action.

* Edwards Already Won & Lost In Nevada, in which we miss the Edwards rally, yet make great predictions based on the size of his ... letters.

* Obama Supporters Are Outrageously Sincere, in which we fail to make Obama supporters act like lunatics.

* Evil Nevada Supreme Court Backs Fascist MSNBC: Kucinich Is Out Again, in which our plans to spend the night in some swank club with Dennis and Elizabeth are ruined by the Nevada State Supreme Court.

* This Debate Will Never Start, in which commenters give your editor a bunch of crap because they don't like his laptop and his cup of coffee.

* Liveblogging the Greatest Ever Kucinich-Free Dem Debate, in which we begin the liveblogging of the debate.

* Liveblogging Vegas: The Sleepiest Debate, in which the candidates continue to sit there, while our commenters go absolutely insane.

* Nobody For President: Liveblogging America's Longest Debate, in which Hillary and Barack lovingly address "black and brown" issues, naked.

These people are standing around for Democracy.

And here's Tim Russert doing some post-debate salad tossing!


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