Hillary Makes It Official, Ruins Schumer's Chinese Dinner

Chuck 'n Hill, lookin' scary! - WonketteIn a cruel attempt to rob Bill Richardson of his single weekend as a serious presidential candidate -- until the inevitable scandals regarding Barack Obama's attempts to convert space aliens to Islam -- Hillary Clinton has made it official.

She polls at first place with Democrats, but she's also got a 40% unfavorable rating nationwide ... pretty much like every Democrat with name recognition, we imagine. So we don't know what that means. But once people figure out she's exactly like George W. Bush as far as Iraq and fear-mongering and Terror Terror Terror, maybe the hate levels will get up to Dubya territory.

As for her Senate colleague Chuck Schumer, he thinks Democrats are all idiots! The Dem power broker has a new book all about why his party blew it so bad in 2004. Also, when he took Hillary to his beloved DC hangout -- Hunan Dynasty -- she caused such a scene that he didn't get his free almond cookie or something. We'll be sure to read the whole book once we're put in Gitmo and have some free time.

Clinton Seeks to Become First Female U.S. President [Bloomberg]

Schumer Blasts Fellow Democrats in New Book [Fox News]


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