Hillary's New Ad Features Dark Tones, She Is Horrible Racist

Did you know this new Clinton ad proves algebraically that Hillary Clinton is a racist? Neither did we, until we read the liberal Internet this morning! One of those insightful cinematography experts at Daily Kos noticed that Obama appears to be even blacker than usual in Clinton's new ad. Is that even possible? Nothing is impossible when BILLARY DOWNHILLARY HITLERY ROD-SHAM CLINTON's 60-year-old plan to win the Democratic nomination is at stake, the blogs say.

Look at how Hillary made Obama into a black person to play on our fragile insecurities:

She knows full well that America likes the less swarthy, "vanilla" flavor better, like in this old attack ad (which was also terribly racist, we've decided -- subconsciousness!):

The shocking Kos revelation has led others to suddenly realize that the ad all but screams "n*****", and that Hillary is racist. Here's AMERICAblog's John Aravosis:

It just keeps happening again and again and again. The Clintons keeps doing things, saying things, that sound awfully racist. And we're to believe that this, the - what? 8th, 10th time? - this has happened is again just a coincidence. The first half a dozen times you launch seemingly racist attacks on your black opponent, maybe - maybe - we can write it off as "boy you're really dumb not to get it." But having a seemingly-racist attack from the Clinton folks on Obama every single week, after a while, you don't get to play the "I had no idea!" card anymore. After that many times, you're race-baiting. You're using racism to win. And you're destroying your legacy and your husband's. Enough already.

Hillary make Internet so angry! And why stop with this ad? Look at Hillary's campaign in toto: she is white, and he is half-black, and she has the nerve to compete in an election with him. Did we learn nothing from the Jim Crow era?

Is the Clinton Campaign Now Engaged in Intentional Race-Baiting? [Daily Kos]

Why is Obama's skin blacker than normal in Hillary's new attack ad? [AMERICAblog]


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