'WE ARE THE PRESIDENT' - WonketteHillary Clinton's got a problem -- a BIG problem. She wants to be the first lady president, but people don't like her. Oh, and liberal bloggers hate her guts. Why? How could anyone not love a conniving opportunist warmonger?

Well, it turns out "warmongers" and "Daily Kos readers" are natural enemies, sort of like dogs and cats or Muslims and Christians or beatniks and squares. What can Hillary do to get more than 3% support from the Daily Kos? Experts say she must magically go back in time and be against the Iraq Invasion from the start. Or this:

"Someone put it to me this way," said Duffy. "'She's the wrong woman at the right time.' If they could find a female version of Obama, they would be excited."
Bloggers could be dead link for Clinton [Politico]

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