Earlier this week, Kids Ahead, a publisher of conservative children's books, issued a press release touting a clever publicity stunt:

A charity auction on eBay has already raised thousands of dollars in bids by offering a most unusual prize: the winner gets to throw Hillary Clinton into jail.

It's not the real Hillary Clinton, of course, just a cartoon look-alike of the New York senator, but that hasn't stopped bidders on the charity auction from pushing the price to over $2,000 with three days remaining. The high bidder will be caricatured in an upcoming children's book as the fictional hero who finally nabs Hillary Clunkton, a pantsuit-clad villain with an uncanny resemblance to Clinton. The money raised by the auction will be donated to Operation Gratitude, a charity that sends care packages to U.S. troops stationed overseas.


Or maybe it wasn't that clever. Pretty much no news organization has picked up on this item -- not even the conservative pseudo-news-organizations that love to hate Hillary. It looks like the only outlet to publish anything on the auction was the Hindustan Times: "Send 'Hillary Clinton' to Jail!" (quotation marks and exclamantion mark in the original).

Gosh, we actually feel kinda bad for Kids Ahead. They issue this big press release, and nobody picks it up except the goddam Hindustan Times. This is the public relations equivalent of the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

So that's why we've decided to mention their auction in the pages of this blog. As you can see from the eBay entry, the auction is still live -- although only a few hours remain. So Hillary haters, whip out your wallets!

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