Out in rural North Carolina, life moves a little slower, and folks are a little more old fashioned. Yep, out in Buncombe County, things haven't changed much since the days when America was charmed by the antics of the Mayberry Sheriff's Department each week. So naturally when some hippies (probably city folk) decided to fly their American flag upside down, well, those small town cops moseyed over there to see what the fuss was about, then beat the shit out of them.

"I saw that one cop [Scarborough] pull up and I saw those people come out on the porch and start talking to him," Stevenson said. "They took their flag down, asked the officer to leave and closed the door. Then he started kicking the door, he kicked it about five or six good times, then he laid right into it. After he got done kicking it, he broke the window out - I saw him hit the window."

Deborah Kuhn says that Scarborough then "pursued my husband into the kitchen, they were scuffling, [and] Mark was trying to get away from him. He pulls out his billy club and I call 911 and say that an officer has broken into our house and is assaulting us."

Of course, the Sheriff didn't have no warrant or nothin, but since when do you need a warrant to threaten to taser some rowdy ne'er-do-wells?

Turns out there's a rule on the books out there against desecrating an American Flag -- they don't need no dadgum Amendment!

Buncombe County hasn't seen this much excitement since a goat swallowed some dynamite last Fall.

Flagged down: Activists arrested in row over protest flag, allege abuse by Buncombe deputy [Mountain Xpress]


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