Hirshhorn After Hours 2

Hey, the Hirshhorn had another After Hours party last Friday! We couldn't make it, because we're terribly agoraphobic, but Liz Gorman and Intern Nick were going to be there anyway so we made them write about it and take pictures.

Liz's gallery of scenesters drinking in classy environs is right here, and Nick's report is after the jump.

Hirshhorn Gallery

The following report of The Hirshhorn Museum's second "After Hours" event is written in the precise and technical language used by top level party ninjas. Its specific window into this regularly occurring and reputable art party, while accessible to all, will be most fully relevant to those with knowledge of the "lower ironic," "integrated fashion," and "non-dancingist" movements in Scenesterism.

The nightlife universe, with all its spinning bodies, incalculable mass, and unseen reason for existence, is, like the real universe, largely unpredictable and inherently scary. Every couple months when it's time for another "After Hours" there are myriad factors that influence the final Total Scene Ranking (TSR), as well the Good Lookingness Average (GLA) and, of course, everyone's favorite, Standard Scene Points Per Capita (S2P2).

It should come as a relief to all that the Hirshhorn party is still hot. That we detected only very small shifts in age (up) and general party-goer cuteness (down), is likely a testament to our subtle sense of style-environment dynamics, and not a quantum shift towards "blazer and gold chain oblivion." This party still gets a crowd not found anywhere else in DC. At its best it's young, deeply worldly, smartly dressed, and refreshingly absent normal cocktail hour clichés. That tickets are "sold out," but nobody's getting bumped in to, is an example of the casually patrician nature of the thing.

There's two more of these parties on the schedule. We'll def be there in July and will let you know then if it's worth trying to make the last one, so you'll be well positioned for the start of season 2.

Oh, and Friday's S2P2 is in the lower-upper range. Higher than the one-word dance party you usually go to on Friday but below that time you had dinner at Ted Leo's house.


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