Historians Doubt These 21 Famous People Ever Existed! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 3, 2021

No, the Texas abortion ban isn't "Christian Sharia law," because Sharia law separates church and state. Plus other things you should know about it before you spout off and ensadden some of our Muslimesque friends, in this old HuffPost from Qasim Rashid.

It was never easy being an OB-GYN in Texas. Now it's ... well you know. (Mother Jones)

The End of Roe v. Wade. Yes, this is what is happening, and this is what will happen. — Bmaz at Emptywheel

Well, Susan Collins, these are for sure words.

Yes, masks prevent COVID infections and symptoms, by a lot. The ginormous study at Washington Post.

Doctors want you to please stop taking the horse dewormer unless you have scabies, river blindness, or worms and are also a horse. (AMA)

Steve Bannon told them to seize their local GOPs. They listened. But only a portion of them are violent lunatics, so. — Pro Publica

Old Heidi Heitkamp, meet New Heidi Heitkamp. She's a dick! (The American Prospect)

Voting rights bills are over to the Senate, where Sinema and Manchin are putatively for them, unless it would make Mitch McConnell sad. It's just hard you guys, okay? (Guardian)

Fuuuuck, Philly, you okay dears? (WHYY)

This is good and makes me happy:

This from the comments is a super interesting read about a church that discovered it got RACISM MONEYS and what it decided to do about it. — Presbyterian Mission

Let's all learn about what constitutes a "hostile work environment" in Montana, and what an employee's recourse is! Why? Because my son's supervisor keeps yelling about "n-words"! But he doesn't say "n-words"! It is upsetting my son, because he's not a disgusting piece of shit! (MT.gov)

HOLY SHIT! They indicted Jackie Johnson, the Georgia DA who covered up for the good ol' boys who ran Ahmaud Arbery down in their truck before murdering him. — CNBC

Who should be the next host of "Jeopardy!"? Please don't miss this at McSweeney's.


Okay, I will cook a whole chicken in coconut milk and lemongrass, you see if I don't. (The Kitchn)

Brian Grubb is right: "Only Murders in the Building" is really fucking fun. — Uproxx

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