Historic Super Bowl Was Better Than Super Bowl Ads!

  • Nobody's entirely sure how many, if any, workers are still unaccounted for in the wake of a power plant explosion in Connecticut on Sunday. [Hartford Courant]
  • The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, proving that Barbara Bush was exactly right when she said that the city's residents would benefit from Hurricane Katrina. [ESPN]
  • Many Gazan civil servants have not been paid for their work in January, which makes some of them wonder about the solvency of their employer, Hamas. [Haaretz]
  • Yulia Tymoshenko, the only world leader to be featured in a vaguely flattering light in Wonkette's annual War On Xmas Gift Guide, has refused to admit defeat in the Ukraine's recent election. [Times Online]
  • Iran needs enriched uranium to help cancer victims. (?) [Los Angeles Times]
  • The President has decided that the best way to deal with Republicans is to meet with them daily on teevee for hours at a time, in order to drain them of their precious bodily fluids. [Washington Post]

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