The Hit Parade ranks stories other people tuned into. Chart placement is determined by Google News bots, Noted Now shoutouts and our whim. Arrows indicate movement since last week.

1. Non-orange alert alleged to be politically motivated and not coordinated. Hooked radical finally pushes off Iraq.

2.McCain as Kerry's running mate beats Bush -- liberal media beats off.

3.Dean to write syndicated column, following footsteps of Buchanan. Next stop, "McLaughlin."

4.The New York Timesrequests forgiveness for misrepresenting WMDs. As if we read the articles in the first place.

5. Green Party may or may not endorseNader. Where's LaDuke?

6.Bin Laden as a foreign leader who supportsKerry? Do we have to wait until October for the surprise?

7.Gore steps out of hiding to scream against Bush; still doesn't make as big a dent as Dean.

8. White House memo calls for big spending cuts. No, we need another tax break.

9.Kerry decides to accept nomination in Boston. The week would not be complete without a flop.



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