Hit Parade: No Peace, No Justice

The Hit Parade ranks stories other people tuned into. Chart placement is determined by the Hardball Briefing, Henry Seltzer and our whim. Arrows indicate movement since last week.

1.Bushleaves country. Vacation with friends.

2.Bushconsults attorney, press trips over Tenet's resignation on the way to the story.

3.World War II Memorial fills space. Allows for another Brokaw, Dole reunion.

4.Bush-McCainspeculation. Fearing apocalypse, liberal media wails.

5.Sharptonjoins CNBC. Economic indicators go haywire.

6.Scott Peterson's trial begins and somehow Martha made an appearance. Scientists search for tear in celebrity-justice continuum.

7.Chalabithis, Chalbithat. Back to Peterson already.

8. Representatives reject amendment for emergency congressional replacements, call for post-doomsday democracy. Iraq volunteers to serve as provisional authority.

9.Dan Rather to interviewClinton for book promotion. Like Walters and Hillary, preaching to the choir.

10. Federal judge strikes down Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act; Bush and Kerry campaigns begin the process of converting issue into votes.


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