Hitchens, Like Everyone Else, Endorses Obama


Maybe start smoking again?You can almost hear his melodious English grumble as he fusses with his morning oatmeal and coffee, and finds the wine-stained post-it note stuck haphazardly on his laptop screen: "OBAMA ENDORSE, SLATE." Well, then, let's get on with it -- before some clumsy mental midget like Jonah Goldberg beats you to it, old salt. Christ knows all the big names have already done so ....

But how to endorse without an endorsement, per se? How many times have you written fondly of the many Georgetown dinner parties where McCain has held court, the gales of inebriated laughter following the maverick's rape jokes, the wit and wisdom of Washington's favorite dinner-party host? And now, egads, you have to write him off as senile? Well, he'll be dead soon enough, anyway -- no need mourning dinner parties that will never even happen!

Oh to hell with it, let the Slate copyboys put the "Vote For Obama" in the headline. Time for lunch!

Vote For Obama [Slate]

UPDATE, BREAKING: Make sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post.


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