Hitchypoo at Home with Exile Status

Christopher Hitchens talked to the New York Observer about the lonely life of a "liberal hawk." Sure, his arguments fall on deaf ears, his dinner invites have dwindled, and he can pay his phone bill with pocket change. But he has no regrets. After all, he writes for Slate:

“What would I have to complain about?” said Mr. Hitchens. “I have a platform from which I can write and speak. The fact that it makes no difference, and the majority of my friends and colleagues think that I must have taken leave of my senses, doesn’t make a difference at all. I’m not someone shouting back at the TV in some bar.”
Well, let's see: Ignored? Thought to be insane? Probably drunk? That's pretty much exactly like some guy shouting back at the TV in some bar. Could be worse, though: That also describes most bloggers.

Hitchens Manning Iraq Barricades In Siege At Home [NYO]


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