If we are to believe recent news reports, the C Street clubhouse hosts many dudes -- okay, two or three dudes -- who at one time or another found comfort in the arms of ladies who were not their wives. But wait! Wasn't this a Bible study group or something, in addition to being a Capitol Hill boarding house for adulterers? Yes -- which might explain the wildly hedonist shenanigans that took place in that den of foulness, according to Rep. Pete Hoekstra.

Nobody parties like a true believer:

Hoekstra said he stopped attending meetings about two years ago, saying he'd gotten what he needed out of his visits. While never living at C Street, he was a regular for about seven years at a dinner-fellowship every Tuesday.

"We'd fellowship, we'd pray, we'd talk about Jesus, and we'd eat," Hoekstra said. "In the headiness of Washington, D.C., it's trying to make sure you keep your head screwed on straight."

This is all obviously code for some of the most depraved sex acts imaginable outside of Japanese tentacle porn. Thank God Hoekstra got out with his rectum intact.

(Or did he?)

Hoekstra offers peek into C Street [The Detroit News]


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