Hoektra: Unsurprised By WatergateGate (W/ Hookers)

Pete Hoekstra, chair of the House Intelligence Committee (and recipient of a wee bit of Brent Wilkes money), is not surprised that Duke Cunningham was partying with hookers at the Watergate on a shady defense contractor's dime along with a number of other Congressmen.

Pete -- even we were a little surprised. Not at the corruption, the awarding of sweetheart contracts to criminals, the abuse of defense/intelligence money, or the blatant quid pro quo; no, none of that really caught us off guard. But once hookers and the Watergate got involved, well, we admit to being a little surprised. Pleasantly surprised, but still. What did you know that we didn't? Or is this statement like us saying "We are not surprised that a number of journalists got really smashed at the Macedonian Embassy last Saturday" while we quickly hide our lucite invitation?

TPM Muckraker visited the Watergate, and learned that they've had a couple subpoenas. We are not surprised.

Watergate Subpoenaed In Hookergate Probe [TPMM]

Intelligence Committee chairman not surprised by prostitution allegations in Cunningham case [AP via SDUT]


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