Holiday Mishaps, When Performed On Stage, Make Everything OK

  • Today through Sunday, December 20: Get ready for legs, legs, legs. Legs that extend higher than is humanly possible. It can only mean that the Rockettes are in DC for Christmas. [Radio City Christmas Spectacular]

  • Today through Saturday, December 19: Family dysfunction: it's everything we love about going home for the holidays. But, hey, though miserable while experiencing it, it makes for great material for the Washington Improv Theater. The actors turn holiday traumas into fun (!) in their show, Seasonal Disorder. [Washington Improve Theater]
  • Today through Thursday, December 24: Working as an elf at Macy's during the holidays would be miserable, unless you're David Sedaris. When he does it, it's still sad, but it's also hilarious. See a performance of The Santaland Diaries, his essays about his holiday job.  [Warehouse Theater]
  • Today through Saturday, December 27: Like it or not, it's Christmas and this requires doing festive things like seeing the classic play The Nutcracker. BUT, because this shit gets old, the version at the Warner Theater has smoke, cannons, and Rockette-style dance moves. [Warner Theater]
  • Thursday, December 24: Something for the Jews to do while everyone else is celebrating baby Jesus: make fun of themselves! Catch Good for the Jews, a cultural celebration of Jews in song form. It's the perfect prelude to every Jews favorite, Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Day. [Jammin Java]

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