Hollywood Fred Thompson Even Lies About Going To Church With His Mother

This week we learned that Fred Thompson's such a staunch social conservative that he a) refuses to talk about religion because it creeps him out, b) doesn't belong to a church congregation, c) never goes to church unless he's visiting his old mom in Tennessee, because she likes to go to church. But that last part's allegedly not even true, if the ever-reliable Evangelicals For Mitt website can be trusted.

The Washington Post reports that Fred Thompson only attends church when he's in Tennessee visiting his mom. (Incidentally, she attends church where my sister attends, but she's never seen him there.)

There you have it: Hollywood Fred either never visits his poor old mom, or when he does visit he won't even take one hour to go to church with her -- that's how much he hates Jesus.

Church Attendance [Evangelicals For Mitt]


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