Hollywood Still Loves You, Mark Foley


The graphic above comes not from some embarrassing-in-retrospect year-old promotional brochure, but from the program for last Wednesday's PRISM Awards.

The PRISM Awards are handed out by the entertainment industry, and each year they have a "Capitol Hill showcase" to convince lawmakers that Hollywood isn't all queers and perverts (unlike Capitol Hill). The former Representative from Cocktoberfest was, in better days, a staunch champion of the entertainment industry, and his words in the program highlight the importance of accurate portrayal of addicts and drunks:

"It's important to highlight the success of recovery," Foley says. "As many say, it's one day at a time. And all of those people need the support and the affirmation that they are not suffering alone and in silence."

The tragic irony of these lines is heartbreaking. Poor Mark Foley was himself "suffering alone," and in silence broken only by the soft clatter of one-handed typing and the lonely ping of the AOL Instant Messenger doorbell sound.

Foley Still "Messing With the Pages" [Examiner]


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