Home Renovations Aftermath! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 29, 2022

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Seems like the January 6 conspirators are being very united and chill. (Daily Beast) What did Trump know and when did he lie about it? Timothy Snyder on the January 6 report. (Substack)

Libs of Tik-Tok, the bigot who incites terrorism against children's hospitals (CHILDREN'S HOSPITALS), reportedly trespassed at the Capitol, she's so neat and cool, just love her a lot. — Extremism Newsletter

George Santos, the perfect Republican. (Amanda Marcotte at Salon)

Book bans ramping up hooray! — The Guardian

Weird, Missouri AG's office being a real dick about new law that lets prosecutors ask to vacate convictions of people who have evidence of actual innocence. (News Tribune)

A followup by Pro Publica on the law enforcement using people's 911 calls as evidence, y'all can go on in and read it, I'll wait out here. I read the last one and that shit fucked me up.

Radley Balko's part one of his interview with a defense investigator is pretty fuckin interesting! (Substack)

Roy Edroso looks back, end of year styley, on THE CARAVAN, and it is lol. — Substack

I always want to see info on how we can convert office buildings into housing. This New York Times story explains all the reasons it's like so impossible, before final third of the story that shows how much people are already doing it. (Gift link)

Hot Johnny McEntee's dating app, the Right Stuff, still le suck. — Daily Beast

Why Glass Onion (got Netflix? haven't watched it? it's DELIGHTFUL!) is angrier than the original Knives Out, an interview with the director, Rian Johnson. (Atlantic)

Kristen Bell's pickle soup recipe, because I was watching "Baking It" and now I want Kristen Bell's pickle soup. — Good Morning America

What life is like post-home-renovation show! I am guessing really uneven floors and sockets without plates on them. (Parent Influence)

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