Homeopath Facing Prison Time For Selling Fake Vaccine Cards And $243 Sugar Pills

Snake Oil And General Woo
Homeopath Facing Prison Time For Selling Fake Vaccine Cards And $243 Sugar Pills

A "naturopathic doctor," which is a real thing that exists, is facing federal charges for selling fake COVID vaccination cards in conjunction with some very expensive fake "homeoprophylactic" pellets, which she falsely claimed provided the same immunization as an actual vaccine, but without "toxic substances." She is now looking at up to 20 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for wire fraud and false statements relating to health care matters.

Dr. Juli Mazi of Napa, California, had actually been running this scheme for a while. Prior to COVID, she sold homeoprophylaxis immunizations for childhood illnesses that she falsely claimed would satisfy the state of California's immunization requirement for California schools, and "falsified, fabricated, and altered immunization cards that were submitted by parents to California schools." However, she got caught when she was reported to the feds by a relative of a family that had purchased the $243 immunization pellets and fake COVID immunization cards stating they had taken the Moderna vaccine.

According to the Department of Justice's complaint against her, Mazi told customers that the pellets she sold them contained a "very minute amount of this [COVID-19] disease" that would "automatically flag" their immune system and provide lifelong immunity to the virus without any of the "toxic ingredients" present in actual vaccines.

While it is true that the pellets do not contain "toxic ingredients," on account of the fact that they are literally just sugar pills, there is nothing that can provide "lifelong immunity" to COVID-19, not even actual vaccines.

Mazi's patients were instructed to take the pellet for four days, with the more "potent" pellets to be taken on the last two days.

Each dose is approximately 2-4 pellets. The first 2 days of dosing are the 200C potency and the last 2 days of dosing are the 10M potency

And by "more potent," she meant more diluted.

While "homeopathy" is frequently used as a catchall term to describe any "natural" health product, many of which contain actual ingredients and do work, actual homeopathy does neither of those things. It's based on two main premises — that "like cures like" and that "water has a memory." Homeopaths take a small amount of a substance like belladonna and dilute it in water until there isn't even one molecule of the original substance in the water and then sell it to people for lots and lots of money, claiming that the more it is diluted the more powerful it is. Of course, if it were powerful, it would be possible to OD on homeopathic sleeping pills, which it is not.

Homeopaths say it doesn't matter that the original substance is no longer in the "preparation" because the water itself retains the memory of the substance, which is a lot like saying that the coffee table I am sitting next to will retain the memory of my coffee cup, even if I use a coaster. Things that do not have brain cells do not have memories and your stuffed animals don't have tea parties after you leave for school each day. Inanimate objects are just inanimate objects.

Because Naturopathic Doctors are in fact licensed as actual doctors and primary care physicians with the ability to prescribe medicine, Mazi had access to actual COVID vaccination cards, which she either falsified herself or sent blank to out-of-state patients with instructions on how to falsify the cards themselves.

Here is just some of the nonsense Mazi told her customers, according to the complaint:

a. "[I]t's called homeoprophylaxis . . . It is a branch of Homeopathy . . . it basically utilizes the same underlying theory that vaccination uses. And that theory is that we are introducing a very minute amount of this illness, into the system in a way that provokes immunity."

b. "Now in nature, you know. The way that we typically catch these infectious diseases is by way of the germs entering in through one of our orifices. So with homeoprophylaxis, we are introducing these orally. And in doing so that automatically signals the immune system's attention, without the need for any other ingredients to accomplish that. Whereas of course with vaccines, because they're being injected, they're not coming in through one of the natural entry routes."

c. "And ultimately with this method, there's 4 total days of dosing. The first two days are the lower dose, or the lower potency. And the last 2 days are the higher potencies. So we're kinda strategically teaching the immune system immunity to this disease."

d. "Now…basically if the infectious disease exists, they can make a remedy from it. So there are remedies for pretty much every infectious disease you can imagine out there, whether or not there are vaccines for those diseases. So the remedy for Covid has been available since the beginning, and I've been offering that. And you know, it really wasn't until at least 9 months later that the CDC printed these cards."

e. "[The CDC Vaccination Record Cards] so clearly state Vaccination Record, and ask for a manufacturer and lot number. So you know, I um even though it's more than an ethical stretch that I'm happy about, I am just stepping up to the plate to offer these."

f. When Complainant 1 stated that it is "important to me [to receive the CDC Vaccination Record Card] because um you know. I want to be able to show that I'm vaccinated," MAZI responded, "Exactly. I know. It's becoming quite the climate."

Mazi is a scam artist and she should absolutely face consequences for her actions, but sending her to prison for 20 years — about the time you'd get in Norway for a particularly brutal murder — does not seem like the most efficient solution. Absurdly excessive prison sentences just can't be the answer to every problem we face as a society. And while it might feel satisfying to those of us who hate this crap, it just ends up inflating prison sentences for everyone else and then nothing is ever enough.

The real problem is that "alternative medicine" isn't regulated in any way, that people are allowed to sell homeopathic preparations (ie: sugar pills) to people claiming they will actually do something, that Dr. Oz has his own television show, that naturopaths are allowed to be actual prescribing physicians and that our for-profit healthcare system provides an opening for people like Dr. Mazi to take advantage of people like that.

It sets up a dichotomy of evil corporations that will do anything for money (which, let's be real, is often true) and lovely natural healers who want to save us from all of the toxins. And even if these hustlers are out there charging $243 for a bunch of sugar pills, people will still see that as more ethical and less corrupt than the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance companies and the hospitals that charge $30 for a box of Kleenex. There is always going to be a little bit of that dichotomy, simply because it's fairly human to gravitate towards the idea of "natural" healing over "better living through chemistry," but we don't have to create such a fertile environment for bullshit artists and snake-oil salespeople.


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