Hope And Change 2012: Ron Paul Blimp Maybe Coming Out of Storage

Hope And Change 2012: Ron Paul Blimp Maybe Coming Out of Storage

Some things in the world work like clockwork -- a gay Republican is outed, an American president launches another war, John Boehner walks into a tanning booth, Ginni Thomas drunk dials Anita Hill -- so we are not surprised and maybe even a little relieved to know that the Ron Paultards areonce again out to revive the beloved Hindenburg of truth and freedom known as the Ron Paul Blimp. Its timeless message, "Who the hell is Ron Paul, ask Google" still speaks with approximately the same force as it did during its last appearance in the 2008 presidential election cycle, which, can we say the same about anything else in the last four years of our lives? No! And at least the blimp cannot talk, unlike every other candidate in the GOP field, so we will consider giving our vote to the Ron Paul Blimp. 

Just kidding. Yeah yeah, these people still want your gold pieces and your Liberty Dollars, because blimps cost bajillions of both. Why hang onto those last eight bucks when you could be watching them burn up inside a giant gaseous metaphor?

For the real RPB enthusiasts among you, YOU KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE, remember you can also purchase Ron Paul "mini-blimp" kits like this one for when you want to storm around like a wingnut. We have always liked that they printed the "EVOL" part of "revolution" backwards on the mini-blimps so that it matches all those illiterate Tea Party signs. It's a nice touch.

And so on and so on, until the end of the world. [Ron Paul Blimp]


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